Information about Dodger Says App.

This program was created to help our cats tell us what they want. By presenting shapes on a screen that they can touch to speak words, they can learn to ask for things by touching the appropriate shape.

     The free version  has 2 screens that can have up to 6 shapes. each shape can be 1 of 6 geometric shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Cross , Star or Heart) and 1 of six colors (Blue , Red , Green , Purple , Yellow , Black). Each shape can also have a word or phrase associated with it (e.g. Food , Out , Treat etc.). The words are Spoken using the built in Text to Speech of the Device running the App.

     The Paid Version has No Ads and allows one to record ones own voice for the device to use in speaking the words associated with each shape. this allows for unique phrases in a voice/language the subject would recognize . The price of the Paid Version is $1.25 USD and paid through PayPal.

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     This Application does not collect or transmit any user's personally identifiable information.
No personal information is used, stored , secured or disclosed by services this application works with.
Limited technical information is sent (such as ip address included in the HTTP calls this application may make.) but none of this information is used or stored.
This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated 2/3/2016

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